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First responder: What would you do?

building collapse

When a four-story building on Market Street collapsed onto a Salvation Army thrift shop recently, we heard stories of bystanders, including an 18-year-old student at Science Leadership Academy, rushing to the rescue of the people trapped inside the building. Hearing their stories made me wonder what I would do in such a situation.

So I decided to ask people what they imagined their first impulse might be if faced with the choice. How would they respond? Many of the people I interviewed were at 30th Street Station, waiting for an outbound train. Here is what I heard.

Photo: Associated Press

Making time at 30th Street Station

IMG_2865Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station is a place where we like to hang out. On our most recent visit we met David, who described being arrested and handcuffed at JFK Airport for an unpaid parking ticket. Brenda told us how piecing together a knitted blanket is a metaphor for the work of her church in Southwest Pennsylvania. And we met Amir, who is one helluva smart guy with a special gift.

Listen in on our conversation with Amir.