Remembering Otto: the “second founder” of the Morris Arboretum

For the past three years I have been privileged to serve as interviewer and producer for Arboretum Voices, the oral history project of the Morris Arboretum. The project is a collection of audio vignettes, gathered, edited, mixed and posted on the Arboretum’s website, with transcripts of the full interviews saved to the museum-quality archive. I’ve traveled to Presque Isle, Maine to meet with the granddaughter of John Tonkin, Lydia Morris’s gardener. I’ve recorded Mintern Wright, who describes going to the “Big House” as a child to visit Miss Morris — a “forbidding, rather severe woman dressed entirely in black.” And I’ve marveled at Paul Meyer’s stories of plant expeditions to China, Japan and Korea. You can hear them all here.

Recently I was fortunate to meet with John and Janet Haas, who lovingly describe John’s father Otto Haas, referred to by many as the Arboretum’s “second founder.” Their memories reflect a gentle, unprepossessing man who left a rich legacy from his 17-year tenure as chair of the Arboretum’s Board of Advisors.


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