Philadelphia Parks Alliance


Philadelphia Parks Alliance is an advocacy organization with a mission to champion the public’s interest in outstanding parks, recreation and open spaces. Through their grassroots organizing efforts, they help shape public policy to build a strong parks and recreation system in the City.

IMG_2221The Parks Alliance approached us about producing a series of stories about citizens and their relationships to their local parks and recreation amenities. The Alliance’s goal was to build awareness of their mission while complimenting their policy work with profiles that personalize and enliven their advocacy campaigns.


The Parks Alliance’s Program Coordinator and Executive Director brainstormed people for us to interview who best represented various interests, affiliations and parts of the city. They decided to start with four (4) stories, with the eventual goal of producing a story for each of Philadelphia’s ten (10) Councilmanic districts.

The Parks Alliance contacted each interviewee to explain the project and introduce us as the producer. We conducted pre-interviews with each candidate to help generate questions. We then scheduled the interviews in the field, in order to also collect ambient sound. Each interview took about an hour. In some cases, we took supporting photographs at the time of the interview. In others, photographs were secured later, in a separate session in support of the final script. The Parks Alliance provided additional photos.

The four stories were delivered to the Parks Alliance as i-Movies – audio slide shows – for posting to their web site.


The Parks Alliance debuted the four ParkStories at its December 2012 annual fundraising event, attended by over 250 supporters. Attendees enjoyed the diversity of stories and noted that the combination of high quality audio and images was effective at painting pictures of Philadelphia’s park, recreation centers and the citizens who enjoy them.

The Parks Alliance is building a campaign around the stories for their e-newsletter and plans to use them in face-to-face meetings with members of Philadelphia City Council and other key stakeholders.

“Barbara is a true artist who is extremely passionate about her work. She was instrumental in helping the Parks Alliance think in a creative and focused way about our broad based ideas for this project, so that we were able to develop a strong concept. Her warmth and compassion, her sense of sound and impeccable audio editing made our ParkStories come alive.”
— Lauren Bornfriend, Executive Director



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