Being a presence for grieving children

A few weeks before Christmas, Jack and I witnessed a horrific car accident on Lincoln Drive –an overturned SUV with a mother and two children as passengers. From what we could tell, the mother did not survive. First responders extricated the little ones from their car seats. The image that stuck in my mind was two Disney backpacks sitting by the side of the road. What will life be like for these two motherless children? I wondered.

The experience prompted me to do what I know how to do: tell a story. I approached The Center for Grieving Children, a nonprofit whose counselors help grieving children heal and grow through their grief, and asked if I could produce a story about their work. They enthusiastically agreed.

Interviewing several of their clients, who ranged in age from 8 to 21, gave me insight into their losses and the ways they’ve learned to cope. Not surprisingly, it helped me heal, as well. Here is their story.

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